Custom Windows

There is such a concept as the perfect window, as the right window will allow any homeowner to escape into nature from the comforts of their home. At Edelen Doors & Windows, it is our mission to ensure that the perfect window be installed in your home.


Edelen believes in finding the suitable window for your project. We accomplish this view by offering clients a multitude of window brands, along with the flexibility to ensure that the right window fits the project at hand.

To assure that you get exactly what you want in your window, Edelen works with prized local and national window manufacturers to fulfill all custom requests. Some of our favorite window manufacturers include, Milgard, Atrium, and Andersen.











Edelen supplies a variety of window designs, including specialty window products. We provide the following window types:

  • Awning
  • Bow & Bay
  • Casement
  • Hung
  • Gliding
  • Picture
  • Specialty (contact us for information regarding specialties)


Along with offering a vast array of window sizes, Edelen also sets a high standard with our selection of window trim, which you can find a variety of trim under the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Hybrids + Composits
  • Clad wood


In the case of a burglary or a severe storm, Edelen wants to ensure that your house or business maintains the highest level of security, which is why we provide impact resistant glass options. Furthermore, Edelen accessorizes windows with the most modern and durable locks on the market. Safety glass is also a major contributor in preventing unwanted noise from passing through your windows. Added materials, such as window glazing methods, can further avert outside noise from entering your home.


Edelen understands that it is our responsibility to minimize our carbon footprint in the world, as well as in your home. Our stance on reducing wasted resources has led us to extend energy efficient windows to our clients.

Edelen carries an assortment of ENERGY STAR® windows that will diminish the transfer of heat inside your household. These efficient windows cut back on energy used to heat and cool your residency, which will ultimately save you money.

In addition to fulfilling energy efficient windows, Edelen presents FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified products. Windows and doors certified by the FSC® are drawn from forests that are managed under FSC® criteria, which allow the woodlands to maintain their biodiversity and longevity.


The quality of a new window is dependant on the quality of the installation, as well as the product. Edelen’s certified craftsmen are employed for their exceptional installation and repair performance, in addition to their first-rate customer service. We pride ourselves in achieving flawless work, as well as our follow through process with clients after the installation. Edelen’s diligence has gained the respect from contractors to homeowners and everyone in between.

Interested in finding out more about Edelen’s windows? Please contact our experienced consultants to schedule a free consultation at (503-255-6552) or email us at